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Communications Consultation and Training

If you need communications consultation and training for yourself or workforce, turn to A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C. Mr. Olson provides consulting services and training  to benefit your organization.

Using an Effective Methodology to Help You

The initial 30 minute consultation on the phone is complimentary. Subsequent consultations and services are billed to the client. Mr. Olson uses an effective methodology to identify the needs and measurable outcomes for his clients. He works with individuals, pairs, teams, and large groups as each job dictates. His  consulting services are useful for businesses, insurance companies, law firms, non profits, and all levels of government.

Services A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C., Provides:

• Assessments, Diagnostics, and Expert Opinions
• Communications: Basic, Advanced and Cross-Cultural 
• Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Problem Solving
• Customized Training and Curriculum Design
• Employee Coaching, Mentoring and Team Building
• Employee Performance, Evaluations and Work Plans
• Review Employer, Government and Media Investigations

Group Working Together

Problem Solving

• Review of Insurance Claims and Reports
• Review of Police Procedures and Investigations
• Risk Management Analysis and Procedures
• Multicultural Awareness and Cultural Competency
• Review of Sexual Harassment, Gender Bias and All 
   Discrimination Policies, Investigations and Reports

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