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Consultant – A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C., Beavercreek, OR

Aaron Olson is highly professional, knowledgeable, and caring individual I have an honor knowing since 2002. Mr. Olson, a sergeant with Oregon State Police at the time and a consultant later on in his career, offered to volunteer to provide workshops for immigrants and refugees on so much needed understanding of American law enforcement and emergency services. For the next thirteen years Mr. Olson was coming to Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) every month to provide these workshops. He also was very attentive to immigrant/refugee community needs. He brought other police officers to start car seat safety program, expanded the workshops to domestic violence program participants, and provided a number of presentations for refugee and immigrant high school students about career opportunities with the police. His contribution to immigrant and refugee community cultural enrichment and safety is invaluable.

Victoria Libov
Former Manager – Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, Portland, OR; Senior Project Manager, Worksystems Inc.                    Portland, OR
December 18, 2019


Thorough. Professional. Fair-minded.

David L. Kramer, P.C.
Attorney, Salem, OR
December 16, 2019


Aaron presented to our midsize group a comprehensive summary of his background in the military, law enforcement, education, and life has taught him. It's a wonderfully balanced and realistic outlook, and his company can offer solutions to the problems facity society as a whole.

Steve Ham
Community Service Co-Chair, Rotary Club of Clackamas, OR
August 26, 2019


I've known Aaron professionally for 15 years. Aaron's dedication to service cannot be matched. Aaron's qualifications as a consultant draw from his unique expereince in government and personnel management. Aaron has helped me on countless occasions. I can't think of a more qualified professional in the business. Aaron is always a top notch choice for me and my company. I would recommend Aaron to anyone!

Bill Snyder
Operation Consultant, Self-employed, Hillsboro, OR
August 20, 2019


Aaron has been a go-to guy for us. Particularly when working with law enforcement on HR (Human Resources) or D (Diversity) & I (Inclusion) issues. Smart, seasoned and a great connector.

Jeri Oswalt
Manager of Workforce Planning and Development at Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR
April 23, 2019


Dear Aaron, 

I wanted to take the time to recognize your assistance in conducting workplace investigations and leading employee relations training for Clackamas County during my tenure as Employee Services Director. Your understanding of public employment laws and public employee unions allowed me to trust in your ability to conduct investigations with both sensitivity and thoroughness. With your additional background in law enforcement, you had a deeper understanding of evidence and what was required in a written report. As we know, workplace investigations can result in disciplinary action which can lead to arbitrations or even litigation. I could rely on the thoroughness of both your investigatory process, written report and ability to explain your findings to others involved  including county counsel, department directors, elected officials, and union leadership. 

In addition to your work on investigations, you worked with employee groups where poor communication was causing workplace disruption. You provided insight to the managers to help them resolve issues within the work group as well as more formal training when appropriate. 

I would be happy to speak to anyone who may wish to hire you in your capacity as a work place consultant. 

Nancy Drury
Former Employee Services Director (1999-2015) – Retired, Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR
August 7, 2017

It was a privilege to work with Aaron while I was President of the NW Association of Fire Trainers and Department Chair of the Fire Protection Program at PCC. Aaron taught cultural diversity classes during our Regional "Metro Fire Officer Academy" and for the Community College. His classes were excellent and he received high marks from seasoned fire service personnel on the course critiques. Aaron has always been extremely professional and well prepared to deliver instruction. I would highly recommend Aaron for any cultural diversity, mediation, dispute resolution, staff development training or consulting that an organization might be looking for. 

Ed Lindsey, MPA
Former President of Northwest Association of Fire Trainers and Department Chair of the Fire Protection Program at PCC, Portland, OR
August 22, 2016

I have known Aaron for many years professionally. Our paths crossed over the many years in law enforcement. After Aaron retired, I had the pleasure of taking an instructor certification class from Aaron many years ago and he is one of the best instructors I have ever known. I was so impressed with Aaron that I recommended that our investigations unit have Aaron come up to our office and present to all the investigators. Without fail, Aaron was again an excellent presenter. Beyond being one of the best presenters, Aaron has the rare quality of having outstanding integrity. During the course I took with Aaron, one of the students did not meet the “qualifications” to complete the course and become “certified.” Most instructors would have turned a blind eye and allowed the individual to pass and let someone else deal with the consequences of their shortcomings. Aaron did the difficult task of washing out the student so they could make the necessary improvements to later pass and become certified. The willingness to step up and do the “right” thing demonstrates a rare quality these days and to not take the easy way out. Aaron’s proven demonstrated integrity is what allows me to recommend Aaron without reservation, which is a rarity for me!

Lawrence McKnight, Senior Investigator
Attorney General's Office, State of Washington, Olympia, WA
August 19, 2016

Aaron met with my employees and did staff development and helped me with revising my employee performance evaluations. We made positive strides and a positive difference. The long range outcome has been extremely fruitful. I highly recommend Aaron for anyone needing help with mediation, conflict resolution or staff development.

John Stockham
Fleet Manager at Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR
August 16, 2016

I’ve known Aaron Olson for over 14 years, and am proud to call him a friend. Aaron has an extensive background in the criminal justice community as a police officer, supervisor, and outreach specialist working with neighborhood and local organizations. His reputation as a criminal justice professional may be over shadowed by his educational achievements and ability to share his knowledge with students, law enforcement managers, and government, and business leaders.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training Academy in 2001. Our chance meeting during a Cultural Diversity Instructors Training and would later find us co-teaching Cultural Diversity at the Oregon Police Academy and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. Aaron co-authored a cultural diversity book for law enforcement that was adopted and used for college level students. Portland Community College students I’ve known have expressed positive comments about Aaron and his teaching ability and style. I would agree.

Aaron has developed a reputation for conducting unbiased, in-depth and professional confidential and sensitive investigations for city and county municipalities regarding questions of professional and ethical behavior of elected and appointment personnel. I used Aaron to conduct a review of a police personnel matter that he handled with care, understanding, and diplomacy before producing results that were unquestionable.

W.F. Grace
Former Chief of Police – Retired, City of Gladstone, OR
December 2015

I had the chance to work with Aaron a couple of years ago. He conducted a Basic Supervision class for new supervisors. I remember a very productive and interactive class where everyone learned new tools on becoming a supervisor.

Luis Segovia, MBA
Former Human Resources Manager at Andersen Dairy, Battleground, WA; Human Resources Manager at GrovTec US Inc., Milwaukie, OR
December 14, 2015

In my experience with Aaron, he provided high quality work. He was well organized, efficient and provided an invaluable service. He is a professional with a broad understanding of how organizations work and how to make them work better. I recommend Aaron without hesitation.

Mark Stotik, JD
Former Assistant Director of Employee Services, Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR; Human Resources Consultant, Kaiser Permanente, Denver, CO
November 11, 2015

As the Training Officer for Clackamas Fire District #1, I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet and use Aaron Olson and his services over the years. Aaron has a very calm and warm approach to his instruction which helps immensely when instructing firefighters. I have found his material to always be top of the game and fresh. As a member of the Northwest Training Officers Association (NAFT) we also used his services successfully for our academies. I have since retired (2014) but still instruct for Portland Community College and see Aaron there instructing as well. I would highly recommend Aaron and his programs.

Tom Crowder
Former Captain – Retired, Clackamas Fire District #1, Clackamas, OR; Owner of Training 911 LLC, Clatskanie, OR
September 2015

Aaron Olson delivers high grade organizational development services in any setting. He has worked with groups in multiple disciplines, and speaks the language of the line worker as well as the supervisor. His understanding of group and co-worker dynamics is impressive.

Mark Gonzales, MBA
Finance Director at Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR
May 7, 2015

Aaron was hired to talk to our 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers about cultural awareness. As our community becomes more culturally diverse we felt it was important to give our employees tools they could use to help them communicate more effectively with our citizens.

Larry Hatch
Former Assistant Director – Retired, Washington County 9-1-1; Managing Member at Cherry Grove Enterprises, LLC, Forest Grove, OR
September 12, 2012

Adjunct Professor – Portland Community College, Portland, OR
I have two areas that I have had excellent experience dealing with Aaron Olson. I am a former student of Aaron, having taken criminal justice courses he teaches at Portland Community College. He is by far one of the best instructors I have had throughout my education. Aaron knows his subjects well, and brings in his own experiences to enhance the students education.

When I was hired as an Administrative Assistant for the Emergency Services Department at Portland Community college, I have had the privilege to work with Aaron. He is meticulous with details to ensure his courses are ready to start without any complications. Aaron is well respected by our staff and other instructors in the Criminal Justice program, also with the other program instructors such as the Fire Technology Program. He would be a great asset to any company. He is always the professional!

Sherry Hanchett, MPA
Emergency Medical Services Admissions/Advising Specialist at Portland Community College, Portland, OR
January 7, 2016

Aaron Olson is one of the most committed and knowledgeable faculty members I have worked with. He brings a wealth of real world experience to his role teaching criminal justice courses, but it’s his passion for social justice and inclusion that set him apart. He designed and taught a course titled “Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Professions” for Portland Community College that provided a critical educational experience for future criminal justice practitioners.

Kate Dins, PhD
Former Dean - Retired – Dean of Arts and Professions Divisions, Portland Community College, Portland, OR
December 16, 2015 

Adjunct Professor – Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR
Aaron, has been a valued member of the Eastern Oregon University faculty as an adjunct professor for over 5 years. Aaron filled a crucial need in the program when he developed the FSA 345-Multiculturalism in Emergency Services for EOU. This course provides much needed information to the emergency services students as well as satisfying the institution’s requirement in Difference, Power and Discrimination. His course stretches students to look at the complexities of a changing society and how their interactions in delivering emergency services can make a difference to people lives.

Dan O'Grady

Fire Services Administration Degree Advisor at Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande, OR

February 1, 2017

Aaron is an extraordinary instructor for EOU. He designed the Multiculturalism in Emergency Services course, FSA 345, which Fire Service Administration, Emergency Medical Services Administration (required), and non-fire/EMS administration majors can take at EOU to satisfy the school's Difference, Power and Discrimination requirements. This is a 5 quarter-credit hour course. In addition to the weekly reading assignments, tests and discussions; the students complete an outside reading and essay writing assignment from FEMA's Whole Community Approach and describe how the emergency services agency of their choosing (police, fire and rescue service, emergency medical service, emergency management, 911, military, and civil emergency services) can plan for and assist in a disaster response to each individual group. The 10 groups are grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, neighborhoods, schools, homeless, new immigrants, hospitals, nursing homes, and religious organizations. Last the students complete a major term paper assignment in which they identify a multicultural and emergency services problem/challenge that they will conduct research on, conduct two interviews and make four recommendations to mitigate the problem/challenge. One online review of Aaron's course stated "this was the best course that I took in college", I highly recommend Aaron for his subject matter expertise, dedication to his students and excellent course design!

Kevin Walker, JD
Associate Professor of Business, Associate Dean - College of Business, Fire Services Administration Program Chair, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR
January 7, 2016

Published Textbook Co-Writer – Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society, Sixth Edition, Pearson Education
 Aaron Olson is a complete pleasure to work with. We filmed a course for my company, Savant Learning Systems, on Diversity in Criminal Justice. Mr. Olson explained the material in very thoughtful approach and was able to give lots of personal accounts which always make the delivery of information meaningful and engaging to the learner. I would absolutely work with Mr. Olson again on future projects and I would recommend him to any organization.

Amanda Carr
Coordinator of External Content Development at Savant Learning Systems Inc., Martin, TN
December 16, 2015

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Olson. He worked with us to develop Diversity in Criminal Justice online course. He is very knowledgeable and explained the material in a very clear, concise, engaging, and relatable manner. He is a very dedicated worker and met all of our deadlines. I would recommend working with Mr. Olson.

Julie Alexander
Associate Director of Program Design at Savant Learning Systems Inc., Martin, TN
December 11, 2015

Former Human Resources Investigator – Local Government Personnel Institute, Salem, OR
Aaron conducted a very thorough organizational assessment of my police department as a result of my request. His focus, determination and experience impressed me. His thorough report identified the very roadblocks I had encountered in changing the department culture. This objective truth enabled me to remove those roadblocks and move the department forward in a powerful and innovative way. I highly recommend Aaron Olson.

Jim Pryde, MA
Former Chief of Police – Retired, City of Gladstone, OR; Now – Senior Public Safety Consultant at Emergency Services Consulting International, Fairfax, VA
December 21, 2015

Aaron did an excellent job conducting an investigation into the behavior of a top level department head in Cannon Beach, Oregon. He was thorough, effective and fair in his meetings with selected parties, communications with me (the City Manager) and in his analysis and final report.

Rich Mays, MPA
Former City Manager – Retired, City of Cannon Beach, OR; Interim County Manager, Clatsop County, Astoria, OR
December 10, 2015

Police Management – Retired, Oregon State Police
I have known Aaron for many years and have had the pleasure of working with him in a professional setting. He is a great instructor and has delivered classes on Instructor Development, Diversity, Leadership, Background Investigations and Internal Affairs Investigations. Our organization honored him in 2003 when he received the Regional Trainer of the Year Award from DPSST in 2003.

Eriks Gabliks
Director – Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), Salem, OR
December 10, 2015

During our time working together, Aaron assisted the U.S. Secret Service with numerous visits of U.S. Presidents, former presidents and heads of state. Aaron always performed his job in a very professional manner. I knew I could always depend on Aaron to get the job done with little direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Aaron for any position of trust and responsibility.

Ron Wampole
Former Agent in Charge – Retired, United States Secret Service, Portland, OR; Lead Investigative Security Agent at Automatic Data Processing, Portland, OR
December 10, 2015

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